Church Council

Kountze Memorial has a 12 member Church Council who work in partnership with our church staff, committees, and task forces in carrying out our mission.

To contact a member of the Church Council, please e-mail or call the Church Office at 402-341-7761.

Officers 2020-2021

Vice President: Scott Henneman
Treasurer: Tim Backora
Secretary: Mike Jensen

Terms expiring Aug. 31, 2021

Scott Henneman – Global Mission/Personnel
Michael Jensen – YouthAnn
Ann Miller – Stewardship
Linda Rosenberg – Media and Technology

Terms expiring Aug. 31, 2022

Robin Perkins – Worship & Music
Jane Ross – Outreach
Ashley Sum – Christian Education
Steve Urlaub – Congregational Activities

Terms expiring Aug. 31, 2023

Tim Backora – Finance
Anne Dey – Media & Technology
Kate Jones – Property
Melissa Osentowski – Social Ministry