Call Committee Update
March, 2017

Much has transpired since our last newsletter communication, albeit much of it “behind-the-scenes” in nature. Having gained a good understanding and insight into the ministry tasks identified as traits and characteristics desired in a new senior pastor, we were able to formulate a set of questions appropriate for our pastoral interviews. The ELCA website was closed during the month of January for “housekeeping” purposes so our open position was not available to see until that process was completed. It is our Nebraska Synod’s responsibility to then sift through all of the applications and resumes that are submitted in order to determine which candidates match our desires and needs.

In addition to reviewing applications, our Bishop reaches out to potential candidates. Applications have come from Nebraska and also nationally and our Bishop searches locally, statewide, and nationally as well. The Synod then presents those who “match” to the call committee. To date we have interviewed 2 candidates and have a 3rd interview scheduled. Always know that your questions are welcome and your support and prayers are appreciated.

Call Committee Update
December, 2016
by Deb Hinrichs, Chair

The Call Committee has been meeting with regularity following our orientation conducted by our Synod liaison, Pastor Juliet Hampton. We have been working through the step-by-step process of gaining a deep understanding of each of the “ministry tasks” that the congregation has identified as characteristics we are seeking in a senior pastor. These “ministry tasks” are included as a portion of Kountze Memorial’s Ministry Site Profile. This Ministry Site Profile is one of several components included in the job description now posted on our Nebraska Synod’s website.

As we are meeting, we are getting to know and trust one another and are finding this experience to be especially enriching and enjoyable. As we wait for applicant responses, we are formulating questions that we will want to ask each candidate as well as preparing for the potential questions that we will receive from them. We are all open to any questions that you may have all through this process and we continue to ask that you keep us in your prayers.

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